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    Nick Neves Lead Pastor Background: Nick first trusted in Jesus after being involved in AWANA children’s ministry and seeing the gospel at work in the lives of his... More (925) 706-1238
    Paul Abeyta Pastor Background: Paul grew up with a culturally Romanist and atheistic/agnostic background. After attending a special outreach event with a friend from... More (925) 706-1238
    Chris Watson Pastor Background: Chris was fortunate to grow up in a Christian family that valued church attendance. At a young age he realized Jesus’ incredible... More (925) 706-1238
    Shawn Linder Elder: Chairman of the Board Ministry: Shawn is the current Chairman of the Board and overseas the monthly board meetings and all other elder duties. Part of his board duties... More
    Eric Reither Elder Ministry: Eric is a long time member of the board of elders and serves as the secretary over the board. He is also the liaison to the women's... More
    Clint Graves Elder Ministry: Clint overseas the men's ministry and in that, the 11th commandment ministry. He is also a team captain for the 11th commandment ministry... More