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    Three Steps 

    At First Family Church, we believe that church membership is an important aspect of Christian discipleship. As we join together in a covenant, we are able to encourage each other in our Christian walks and hold each other accountable. There are three steps in the membership process at First Family:  
    1. Attend our membership class. In these sessions, we discuss what we believe at First Family and how we operate as a church. This class meets periodically throughout the year after 2nd service on a Sunday afternoon typically. The class consists of two, 1 hour long classes that are offered back to back. Completing the classes does not obligate you to join, so if you want to learn more about First Family, this is a good way to do that. If you want to join, these classes are required. 
    2. Once you’ve completed the classes, obtain a copy of the church covenant (available during the class meeting) and review it. If the covenant and the material covered in the class is Biblical and what you want to be a part of, sign the covenant and turn it in that day or submit it to the church office at a later date.  
    3. When we receive your signed covenant, we’ll contact you to schedule a membership interview with one of our Pastors or Elders. This gives us a chance to get to know you a bit, hear how you came to faith in Christ, and for you to ask any additional questions about the church. 
    After you’ve completed these steps and it is determined that we all share the same Biblical vision for the local church, we would like to welcome you - our new member(s) to our church during the service you attend.

    Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM